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Pieces by Ellie

Reiki-Infused Intention: Reflections

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Reflections is a reiki-infused necklace symbolizing the internal and external reflections we experience every day. Reflecting on memories from the past, what we've done, and what we've said, or, could have said. We even reflect on others, physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Some may say that we are even reflections of each other. The beauty that reflections can have is when you use them as an opportunity to learn, ask questions, and see the other perspective from what was behind us, what is in front of us, and what will/could be. 

The Reflections piece was made with the flow of Reiki energy. It was set with the intention for those wearing the piece to hold curiosity when reflecting.

Book a virtual or in-person Reiki session for support during this transformative time in your healing journey.


Reflections is a piece made with Recycled Glass Beads made in Ghana, an Argentium Silver one-of-a-kind Breath Piece Pendant, and a silver silk adjustable string. 


Necklace+ Pendant: 13-18 inches

Pendant: 2.5 inches wide 

Only 1 available!

Care Instructions

Pieces by Ellie are a representation of us, one of a kind and delicate. With that in mind make sure to be gentle with your piece as they may tag onto clothing or hair due to the unique shape and material. These pieces are also a reminder to be gentle with yourself.