Pieces by Ellie brings creative expression, individuality, and the power of our energy to the forefront with one-of-a-kind wearable art pieces and Reiki Healing.

  • Wearable Art Pieces

    Now you can WEAR your art. Turning paintings into jewelry. Each piece holding a story and a meaning. Discover beauty in the raw qualities within yourself and in turn you will discover the beauty in all that is around you.

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  • Breath Pieces

    Express yourself with art pieces that you can wear or keep in your home to remind you of the beauty of who you are.

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  • DIY Breath Piece Kit (Make Your Own Breath Piece)

    Experience what your breath may look like in physical form by creating your own breath piece with a DIY Breath Piece Kit

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  • Reiki & Sound Healing

    For advanced healing, the founder of Pieces by Ellie, Ellie Polsky, offers powerful private virtual Reiki & Sound healing sessions to clear and move the energy, guiding you on your path of growth and transformation in a safe space.

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Our Mission:

The mission behind Pieces by Ellie is to showcase the beauty of humans and the power of Reiki, shining a light on the magic that everyone is.

What are Breath Pieces?

Breath Pieces are unique pieces of art that you can wear or hang up. These pieces allow us to see what our breath and all the energies within us may look like if they were 3-dimensional.

The patterns in each product are designed using the mindfulness practice of Drawing the Breath. In this practice, one draws lines and shapes while using the breath and their inner intuition as guidance.

Whether you want to wear your energy, use it as a tool of expression, or hang it up, Breath Pieces are here to remind you that your breath is beautiful, just like you! And that the possibilities of who you can be, are endless.


Behind Breath Pieces

  • Wear The Breath

    With the various collections of Breath Piece Necklaces you can wear and embody the pattern of the breath that calls to you.

  • Hang the Breath

    From your nightstand to your car mirror you can hang your breath piece anywhere you go so that you have the reminder to come back to your breath anytime, anywhere.

  • Ritualize the Breath

    Start the day setting an intention with your piece. Take a mid day break grounding down with your piece. End the day with gratitude and your piece.

  • Connect the Breath

    A Breath Piece is a reminder that we just want to seen and heard. When wearing, hanging, or holding a breath piece there is an opportunity to open up, ask questions, and connect with yourself and those around you.

About Ellie Polsky

Hi!  I'm Ellie, the Founder & Jeweler of Pieces by Ellie and a certifed Reiki Practioner.

I started this brand during the height of quarantine when I was faced with the darkness from within, in need of guidance and healing. I discovered the power that art, reiki, and mindful breathing can have in channeling and moving energy. I started to see things more clearly and everything began to shift. Since starting Breath Pieces I’ve discovered my purpose and I have not looked back since. Just as I was in need of guidance, I am here to guide and heal those that cross my path. You are reading this as you have been divinely led to Pieces by Ellie for a reason.  Let's step into our power, together!

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