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Pieces by Ellie

Reiki-Infused Intention: Surrendering in the Creativity

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Surrendering in Creatitivty represents the possibility of what can come through us when we surrender to our emotions and channel them through creativity. Whether we feel a light emotion or a heavy one, we are still feeling something, and sometimes, we don't want to feel it. We push it away or repress it. But, there is so much power in every feeling we have and we need to channel and use that energy.  Turn it into something. No rules, no rigidity, just simply creating. Maybe throwing paint on a canvas, ecstatically dancing in your room, cooking dinner, even working through route on a rock climbing wall. Creativity looks like many different things. However it looks to you, Surrendering in the Creativity reminds us to Surrender to all of the feelings and move them through you. 

Surrendering in Creativity is made with the flow of reiki energy. It is set with the intention to ignite the creative spark in those that wear the piece.

Book a virtual or in-person Reiki session for support during this transformative time in your healing journey. 


Surrendering in the Creativity is made with a highly tarnish-resistant Argentium Silver one-of-a-kind Breath Piece Pendant hanging on an adjustable leather necklace cord. 


Necklace + Pendant: 10-13inches long

Pendant: 2 inches wide 

Only 1 available!

Care Instructions

Pieces by Ellie are a representation of us, one of a kind and delicate. With that in mind make sure to be gentle with your piece as they may tag onto clothing or hair due to the unique shape and material. These pieces are also a reminder to be gentle with yourself.