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Pieces by Ellie


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When experiencing overwhelm, sometimes it's all fueled by the mind, and your heart is buried and torn apart along the way. This piece is worn on or near your heart as a reminder to come back to the center of, you. Come back to the natural vibration that you make, come back to your heart. Come back to the rhythm that is within you, and listen, feel it. Nurture that space and give it the unconditional love that it is yearning for. 

 This piece is infused with reiki energy and set with the intention that those wearing the piece find internal harmony from within. 


This is a rare, one-off piece. No multiples are made, just like you. 

Care Instructions

Pieces by Ellie are a representation of us, one of a kind and delicate. With that in mind make sure to be gentle with your piece as they may tag onto clothing or hair due to the unique shape and material. These pieces are also a reminder to be gentle with yourself.