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Pieces by Ellie


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Amidst a breakdown, emotions feel like they're going at rapid speed and it may move like a heavy storm. It can almost feel like the world is ending and you just want to give up. Until the moment when it feels like there are no more tears left and you take that big inhale and exhale a big relief. Moving emotions through you is exhausting, and, also extremely healing. This piece represents that breath you take after a breakdown, the settling after the storm. 


This piece is infused with reiki energy set with the intention that those wearing the piece, may they find grounding during overwhelming times. 


This is a rare, one-off piece. No multiples are made, just like you!

Care Instructions

Pieces by Ellie are a representation of us, one of a kind and delicate. With that in mind make sure to be gentle with your piece as they may tag onto clothing or hair due to the unique shape and material. These pieces are also a reminder to be gentle with yourself.