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Pieces by Ellie

Breakthrough & Renew

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The test of our healing is what we decide to do after a breakdown. After we have felt all the human emotions and allowed them to move through us.  After we sat in the settling and the calm after the storm, what do we do next? Do we ignore what happened? Do we avoid it and distract ourselves with things that bring us temporary joy? Or, do we choose to put both feet on the ground and say enough is enough, I am going to take control of MY life! Now, that is up to you. And there is no right or wrong answer here, it is your individual path. There is no judgment, heck, I have gone in karmic circles for the majority of my life, I get it, I understand. We're human after all.  But the moment you decide to choose YOURSELF, the moment you choose to change something and say no to something or someone that doesn't align with your highest self, that will be the moment when everything will start to come together. The moment when you break through and renew into the true, YOU.


This piece is infused with reiki energy and set with the intention that those wearing the piece, may always choose what is best for their highest self. 


This is a rare, one-off piece. No multiples are made, just like you. 

Care Instructions

Pieces by Ellie are a representation of us, one of a kind and delicate. With that in mind make sure to be gentle with your piece as they may tag onto clothing or hair due to the unique shape and material. These pieces are also a reminder to be gentle with yourself.