What is Reiki?

Developed by Mikao Usui In Japan in the early 1900's, Reiki (pronounced ray-key) means "universal life energy". The body has an energy field that is central to its health and proper functioning.  This energy travels through pathways that can become blocked or weakened.  Reiki is based on the fundamental principle that the body possesses the innate ability to heal itself.

Reiki involves the simple, gentle placement of hands on or above particular parts of the body including organs, glands and joints in order to create a smooth flow of energy throughout the body and facilitate relaxation and healing.


-Release anxiety

-Release trapped emotion from the body

-Balance the Chakra system

-Calm the mind and reduce stress

-Reclaim scattered energy from the past

- Heal the physical body

  • "Before reiki with Ellie I was feeling unsure of myself, stuck in a rumination of thoughts that were not serving me, and overall feeling completely “off”. After my session with Ellie I felt a huge weight off my body physically. I felt lighter. I felt more clear about my life and remembered my light within. I was able to transform my darkness into light within moments, and I will continue to always use her as my preferred Reiki healer. Ellie is more than a reiki practitioner, she is an energy artist with incredible awareness and sensitivity to what people need."

    -Sarah H

  • Virtual Reiki & Sound Healing Session

    You will receive guidance with cleansing and restorative bodywork for your mental, emotional and physical alignment through Reiki Energy, guided visualizations and sound frequencies to promote clarity, awareness, centering, grounding, and harmony within. Virtually, this is experienced like a meditation.

    Sessions are recommended weekly or bi-weekly for specific goals. Monthly for maintenance for overall well-being and growth.

    60 mins | $122 | Book Now

  • Make Your Own Breath Piece Reiki Session

    Experience the powerful energy of Reiki & Sound Healing while you create your very own breath piece. You will be guided through visualizations,breathwork, journal prompts, and therapeutic art practices. Leave the session with a clear mind and a Reiki charged Breath Piece.

    90 mins| $222

    Group Session|$80 a person

    Book Now

    (Includes a DIY Breath Kit with a journal, a tree pencil, a necklace cord, and craft wire)

  • Group Healing Sessions

    Experience private healing with your co-workers, loved ones, and friends in your space or virtually. Maximum of 4 people but can accommodate up to 8 for an additional charge.

    Together we will focus on Reiki& Sound Healing to promote connection and compassion.

    60 mins| $180 per group | Book Now