What is a Breath Piece?

What is a Breath Piece?

Now before I tell you what a breath piece is, let me first ask you this:

Have you ever wondered what your breath would look like if it was 3-dimensional? Now, this may seem like a strange question to answer, I know we can’t physically SEE our breath, but, let’s entertain the idea for a moment.


Visualize It.

Try this. Wherever you are, start to fully bring your awareness to your breath, just for a moment. Begin to notice how it feels in your body. Close your eyes for just a few seconds and start to imagine your breath flowing through your body. What do you think it looks like? Is it creating a lot of circles? Is it more like a wave? Maybe it’s just one straight line? Does it have a color? Red? Yellow? Green? Does it have a character? Is it funny? Is it playful? And as you take each inhale and exhale, maybe it is changing its form, shape, and color. Remember, this is your imagination so it can look like anything and It can be anything. How beautiful is that!

Our Breath is a literal extension of us. And, just as our Breath has the ability to be anything, that in turn means that we, the person in this bodysuit, have that same ability. We all have the opportunity to be anyone we want to be and do anything that we want to do.

Now let's come back to the idea of our breath being 3-dimensional. What would you do if I told you that you have the opportunity to experience what your breath may look like in physical form? How you may ask? With a Breath Piece!


What is a Breath Piece?

A Breath Piece is an art piece designed through the act of breathing. It is shaped in the form of how our breath may look as it is moving in our bodies. Using the draw your breath technique used in mindfulness practice, we can begin to bring the breath to our physical reality. Breath Pieces are symbols, or rather, reminders that you can wear or hang up.

Breath Pieces can also be used as a tool to help us connect with ourselves and others. With this opportunity to see our breath in physical form, we are reminded of the possibility of what our breath could be, we are reminded of what we could be. When we start seeing things from this perspective we can begin to dive a little deeper, become more curious, and ask more questions. As feelings and reservations may come to the surface, we can then use that to our benefit. We can take these thoughts and emotions that are coming up to guide us in the right direction, or at least, a direction. When we look at life in the way of what could be instead of what isn’t, our minds start to expand. The spark of creativity begins to flicker and the feeling of hope starts to pump through our veins. We start to have more trust, faith, and confidence in our being, and in our lives.


Connect From Within

As we dig deeper within ourselves, we can begin to see the beauty from outside of ourselves. As we build this bond with ourselves and with the possibility of what could be, we start to notice more of the beauty in the external forces around us. Our friendships and relationships grow stronger and we even begin to notice the similarities that we have with nature. We start to find ourselves relating more to others, rather than asking ourselves “why does no one understand me?” We can start to ask people more questions about who they are and what possibilities they see in themselves. We can start to discover that we are all actually more alike than we may think.

And in all dualities, as we start to see these similarities, we can also begin to recognize the distinctions. And rather than observing these contrasting characteristics with judgment, we can see it as an opportunity to be more curious. With differences, we are given the chance to learn more, dig deeper, and connect further. To develop our minds and to expand our hearts.

Breath Pieces are more than just an art piece, a breath piece is a symbol of the possibility of the unknown.

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