Discover Their Story: How to Ask Big Questions to Connect Deeper

Discover Their Story: How to Ask Big Questions to Connect Deeper

With over 7.8 billion people that walk this earth, we are forced to socialize with people one way or another, whether we like it or not.

I am here to share with you a step-by-step approach to asking bigger questions. At the bottom of this article, you will also find questions that you can test out for yourself to help connect deeper with strangers. To help break down those walls. These questions I share are also to give you an idea, to hopefully inspire you to create your own questions that you truly just want to know.

Introverted? Extroverted? Both?

As an extrovert, I love being around people, and at the same time, I can also be very introverted, and sometimes I’ll even get anxious when faced with a social situation.

Do you ever find yourself meeting someone for the first time and you just don’t know what to say to strike up a conversation? Like you’re usually able to strike up a conversation, but there's always those moments that you just blank on what to say. Then, after the “how is your day” and the “where are you from?’s are out of the way and there's that silence, it leaves us thinking to ourselves, “alright, what do I say now?”, “why is this not going anywhere?” “Are they just not interested in what I have to say”?

More than likely, it has nothing to do with you and more so the questions you might be asking.

I’m going to share with you some questions that I invite you to explore asking next time you connect with someone that might help the conversation, go somewhere.

But, first. Practice.

Let’s talk about how you can start to practice asking these questions.

Start with YOU:

If we want to connect with people in a real way we have to start with the most important connection, the one with your SELF.

Before you can go out into the world and strike up a conversation with people, first, start by asking your, SELF the questions below. How would you respond? Do any of these questions challenge you and make you think? What are you learning about yourself when you read your answers? What is coming up for you?

As you ask yourself these questions start to sit with the idea of, well, what questions do you truly want to know about yourself. This will end up coming off more genuine when you ask questions that you ACTUALLY want to know, rather than questions that we “should” be asking because that may just be known in society as the things that everyone asks.

Practice with the Familiar:

Once you’ve personally explored these questions, you can move on to asking these questions to people that you feel comfortable with. Really, it’s to tell your subconscious that, “Alright, asking these hard questions isn’t that hard, I’m still alive.

Time For the Stranger:

Alright, you made it. It’s time to bring these questions to the unknown. You are ready for it! Now, here are some questions you can begin to tackle with confidence! Once you start asking questions like this you’ll start to form

Questions to Ask:

  1. What does loving yourself look like for you?
  2. What are ways you like to show your love to others?
  3. How do you receive love?
  4. What does love mean to you?
  5. What sets your soul on fire?
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